CoreFiling Ltd has supplied its TrueNorth XBRL processing engine as the core of the SureFile Accounts validation service. This is the same validation software used by HMRC and Companies House, ensuring that results from SureFile validation are consistent with those from the UK government XBRL filing gateways.

CoreFiling, based in Oxford, is a world-leading supplier of XBRL software products. Visit for more information.

SureFile Accounts is currently negotiating bulk contracts and other arrangements with various software vendors and large companies. Please keep an eye on this website page for more information.

If you are a customer of IBM using IBM's Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) product you have direct access to the SureFile Accounts service from within CDM - simply sign up here to start using it!

Please contact your company or software vendor if you feel it should be setting up an arrangement to enable you to benefit from SureFile Accounts.

If you are the vendor of an accounts production or tax filing software package and would like to know more about SureFile-enabling it, go to the Software Developers page.