Irish iXBRL Accounts support

We're pleased to announce that with immediate effect the SureFile Accounts assurance service supports the submission and assurance of iXBRL Accounts documents conforming to the Irish GAAP or Irish IFRS taxonomy extensions.

Assurance Reports for Irish iXBRL Accounts are tailored for Irish accounts preparers, providing filing validation against the Irish Revenue's mandatory filing rules as well as conformance with the Irish iXBRL Style Guide (which is modelled on the HMRC iXBRL Style Guide). The UK-specific HMRC Test-in-Live and Companies House filing validation sections are also suppressed.

Technical exception reporting of numeric and monetary items, as well as date item consistency, is fully applied, as are the relevant GAAP or IFRS Accounting Rules.

Subscribers can mix and match UK and Irish Accounts - there is no need to set up separate subscriber accounts for each. The Irish Company Registration Office (CRO) and Tax Head Number (THN) entity identifier schemes have been added to the pre-existing list of six acceptable UK entity identifier scheme types.