Inline XBRL v1.1 - First Public Working Draft Announced

XBRL International has published the first Public Working Draft (PWD) of the Inline XBRL Specification v1.1, and is seeking feedback from interested parties.

The XII announcement is as follows:

XBRL International would like to announce the first public working draft of the Inline XBRL 1.1 Specification.  Version 1.1 is the second release of the Specification for Inline XBRL. This version adds to version 1.0 a mechanism for splitting text content within a document; it allows the nesting of ix:nonFraction and ix:fraction; and it replaces the linking mechanism for footnote resources with a structure based on a new element, ix:relationship, which also provides support for fact-explanatoryFact links.
This PWD consists of two parts which can be found at the following links: 
Part 0 – Primer 1.1  and Part 1 – Specification 1.1.  Further information is available on the XII website at