The UK FRC 2022 Accounts taxonomies

We're pleased to announce immediate and full support for the UK FRC 2022 Accounts taxonomies, which Companies House began accepting on 1st April 2022. This includes the 2022 Charities taxonomy extension, the 2022 Irish taxonomy extension and the inclusion of the formerly standalone Detailed Profit & Loss (DPL) taxonomy and Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) taxonomy into the suite.

The UK FRC 2022 taxonomy suite provides updated versions of Full IFRS, FRS101, FRS102 and Charity entry-points last released in 2021, and the Irish extension last released in 2019. This includes support for Gender Pay Gap (GPG) reporting and revised methods for reporting restated figures and amended figures.

Additionally, the UK FRC 2022 taxonomy is now bi-lingual - both English and Welsh labels are provided. The addition of Welsh labels enables the taxonomy to be browsed and utilised by Welsh-speaking accounts preparers.