Tagging quality scoring

From today assurance reports generated by SureFile Accounts will include a tagging quality score ("star rating") to give preparers an indication of the quality of their accounts.

The score is based on a number of factors including the tagging coverage (i.e. what proportion of values are actually tagged), the absolute number of tagged items, the number of accounting rules that can be applied to the tagged data, and the number of accounting rules failures/warnings generated.

A score of five stars is considered excellent, and can be achieved by a combination of high tagging coverage, an average to above average ratio of applicable rules to tagged items, and a low proportion of rule failures. This would indicate that the bulk of the document has been tagged, and that the tagged data itself has been verified for consistency and integrity by the SureFile accounting rules.

The tagging quality score is meant to be indicative only, and may be adversely affected in unusual circumstances, such as when accounts contain untagged consolidated group accounts as well as the individual entity's accounts. This will result in an artificially low tagging coverage count, which may in turn reduce the overall tagging quality score. Preparers are advised to examine the reasons for the score (shown in the panel on an assurance report page) if it appears out of line with expectations.