Quality Assurance for Inline XBRL Accounts

How to subscribe to SureFile Accounts

Users can choose between the 'per attempt' and 'per entity' subscription options shown below. Users are welcome to purchase a few attempts to try out the service and then purchase more submissions on either a per attempt or per entity basis. (Some users may have access to SureFile Accounts through bulk subscriptions arranged by their organisation or software provider. Please contact your organisation’s main iXBRL manager to check if you are eligible to use such a bulk arrangement.) Users can mix UK and Irish iXBRL Accounts in a single subscriber account.

Click Subscribe Now to subscribe and pay by credit or debit card or click Bulk Contracts if you want to discuss a larger contract for your organisation at a discounted price.

Per Attempt pricing

Users can sign up for a single attempt to try out the service or to test a set of accounts in a submission which has been rejected by the government filing gateway. Alternatively, they can purchase a batch of attempts at the prices below. Subscribers can buy further sets of attempts as they use up their existing quota. An individual attempt may cover any set of iXBRL accounts – it does not have to be for a specific company. Prices do not include VAT.

1 - 4 attempts:£10 per attempt
5 - 49 attempts:£9.50 per attempt (for all attempts, including the first 4)
50 plus attempts:    £9 per attempt (for all attempts, including the first 49)

The 'per attempt' option may suit those who only want to make a limited number of submissions or are confident they will not need to make repeated attempts for a particular organisation.

Per Entity pricing

Users can sign up to file accounts for a set number of entities. In this case, an unlimited number of filings may be made for each entity's accounts for a specific reporting period**. Subscribers who have purchased a number of entities can purchase further entities whenever they wish. Prices do not include VAT.

1-9 entities:£17 per entity per period
10-49 entities:£16 per entity per period (for all entities, including the first 9)
50 plus entities:    £15 per entity per period (for all entities, including the first 49)

This option may be best for organisations and accounting firms handling a significant number of accounts, particularly those that have been manually tagged in iXBRL.

Big companies or accounting, tagging or software firms creating large numbers of financial statements in iXBRL may wish to arrange bulk SureFile contracts at advantageous rates. Click Bulk Contracts if you want to explore this option.

Subscribers must choose one or other charging option – they cannot use both at the same time. However, existing subscribers may switch between charging options if they wish. See Subscriptions - more information for further explanation on this and other aspects of subscriptions.

** Up to a fair use limit. Attempts MUST relate to a single set of accounts for an individual company for one reporting period (as defined by the balance sheet date). Attempts which cover a different set of data will be rejected.

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