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Technical Requirements for using SureFile

The SureFile Accounts service website has been designed to work in all modern web browsers and on all major platforms. For best results use the following OS/browser combinations:

  • Windows

    Internet Explorer 8 or later (Internet Explorer 9 or later recommended), Chrome, FireFox 3.5 or later

  • MacOS X

    Safari 5.1 or later, Chrome, FireFox 3.5 or later

  • Linux

    Chrome, FireFox 3.5 or later

The site has not been specifically designed to work with small-screen mobile devices but has been tested on, and is compatible with, the iPad running iOS 4 and later (iOS 5 and later recommended).

Display size

We recommend a maximised browser window on a minimum display size of 1024 x 768 pixels to work comfortably with submission history, account management and report pages. In general, these page widths are fixed at 1000 pixels and will force horizontal scrolling if reduced below this, rather than re-sizing to accommodate, which tends to disrupt page layout to the detriment of usability. The remainder of the pages on the site are responsively designed and should adapt to the display window size, even on hand-held devices.


To use the subscriber account pages, including the report pages, account management and user management pages you must have JavaScript support enabled. Without it, some functions will not be available and some dynamic menus will not appear in their correct location, or at all in some cases.


You must ensure your browser will accept Cookies, at least from the sites you visit even if you block Cookies from third-parties and advertisers. SureFile Accounts login sessions depend upon a session cookie that persists only for the duration of your session. Once you log out the cookie is deleted. In addition, if you wish to take advantage of the "Remember me on this computer" tickbox on the login page a successful login will result in a persistent Cookie stored by your browser containing just your login id (email address). You will always have to type your password (unless you use the automatic form-filling capabilities of your browser or a plug-in, which will override the stored Cookie user id in any case).

Internet Connection

There are no special requirements for internet bandwidth (sometimes referred to as the "speed" of your connection) though we recommend broadband of at least 1Mbit/sec for comfortable browsing and acceptable performance. However, the higher the broadband "speed" (in both directions) the quicker your Accounts iXBRL documents will upload, and the quicker Accounts documents with highlighted errors will download for viewing.

More Information on XBRL and Inline XBRL

Further information on XBRL and its use in the UK is available from the XBRL UK website at xbrl.org.uk.

This provides links to a range of guidance documents, including HMRC’s introductory Guide for Businesses (available at [www.hmrc.gov.uk/ct/ct-online/file-return/xbrl-guide.pdf(https://www.hmrc.gov.uk/ct/ct-online/file-return/xbrl-guide.pdf)) and the XBRL UK Preparers and Developers Guide. The latter is available via www.xbrl.org.uk/techguidance/. This document explains the main principles involved in creating financial reports in iXBRL in the UK. It is aimed at accountants and others preparing financial reports in iXBRL through manual processes and at developers of software for creating reports in iXBRL.

The XBRL UK Detailed Tagging Information document, also available via http://www.xbrl.org.uk/techguidance/, supplements the UK Preparers and Developers Guide by providing information and guidance on detailed XBRL tagging issues. It explains the use of particular tags and features in the taxonomies which may cause difficulties and answers frequently raised questions on tagging.

HMRC, the Irish Revenue and Companies House publish information on their specific requirements for XBRL filing on their own websites. HMRC has a guidance page at www.hmrc.gov.uk/thelibrary/ct-online.htm. It has created an online filing Technical Pack which is available at www.hmrc.gov.uk/ebu/ct_techpack/index.htm. The Irish Revenue have published details of their Submission service for Financial Statements in iXBRL at www.revenue.ie/en/online/ros/ixbrl/index.html.

HMRC’s Inline XBRL Style Guide, available here, provides a range of technical information for developers on correct handling of Inline XBRL. The related Irish Revenue version of the iXBRL Style Guide can be found at www.revenue.ie/en/online/ros/ixbrl/ixbrl-style-guide.pdf.

Companies House publishes information about XBRL and iXBRL on several pages, including its Software Filing (www.companieshouse.gov.uk/toolsToHelp/efiling.shtml) pages.

Accounts preparers with questions on specific HMRC, Irish Revenue and Companies House filing issues and requirements should contact those agencies directly, not SureFile Accounts.

The XBRL International site at xbrl.org provides information about the XBRL standard and international developments.

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