Future developments

The SureFile Accounts assurance service already contains extensive rules and tests to help preparers and reviewers of iXBRL accounts identify tagging and other errors and improve the quality of their statements.

The tests have been developed on the basis of broad experience of XBRL tagging of accounts and authoritative knowledge of the XBRL taxonomies and tagging requirements. The tests have been refined and confirmed by use on a variety of accounts.

We expect, however, to continue to develop and improve our testing – providing even stronger assistance to accountants and companies in achieving high quality production of iXBRL accounts.

In particular, we aim to expand testing to cover detailed accounting rules on specific industry sector accounts. Our current testing is focussed on mainstream UK FRC's Full IFRS, FRS101, FRS102, FRS105 and Charities accounts.

Keep your eye on this website for further announcements.