What SureFile does

SureFile Accounts is a web-based service which runs a wide range of tests on iXBRL accounts to check the quality of tagging. SureFile:

  • Allows preparers to test their accounts quickly and easily during or after tagging.   Preparers can upload and test their accounts through a few mouse clicks. Results are available in a couple of seconds. See How to use SureFile fore more information.
  • Runs basic tests on validity to ensure the accounts will be accepted by HMRC, by the Irish Revenue and by Companies House.   SureFile provides clear and efficient error messages to help users fix any problems – saving considerable time and trouble if unexpected problems do occur. See iXBRL errors – how we help.
  • Runs a range of tests on the NUMERIC information and DATES in accounts to identify incorrect tagging and anomalous values.   It is very hard for manual checks to spot errors on tagging settings on monetary and numeric data – and those errors are easy to make. For example, are all scale and accuracy settings correct? Are there inconsistencies in values? SureFile highlights possible errors and anomalies to enable easy review and correction. This lessens the chance of triggering tax authority risk rules which may bring unwanted attention. See Surefile quality tests.
  • Runs extensive accounting rule checks to detect tagging errors and even possible errors in the accounts themselves.   The accounting rules include "existence" checks to ensure consistency between different accounting entries, whether text or numeric, and "aggregation" checks to highlight calculation inconsistencies within sections of the accounts, which may indicate tagging or accounting errors. The tests include checks on 'dimension tagging' which can be difficult to review manually. Finding and correcting errors should reduce the chance of attracting adverse attention from tax authorities. See Surefile quality tests.
  • Saves time and effort in reviewing iXBRL accounts and fits easily into XBRL review and assurance processes.   SureFile tests will save taggers and reviewers substantial time by pointing to possible errors and avoiding the need manually to check various aspects of accounts. It can be used easily at any stage of the tagging and review process. Its reports can form part of the assurance process – providing evidence of the testing done. By purchasing 'per entity' testing, subscribers can run repeated checks on a single set of accounts as they improve tagging – all for one single, low payment. See Subscribe for more information. The improvement in iXBRL accounts quality and the saving of time and effort provided by SureFile should repay the low cost of subscription many times over.
  • Has a proven track record in helping preparers identify tagging and other errors in accounts.   For example, a major accounting firm used SureFile tests to discover a range of tagging and accounting issues in a large batch of accounts which had not been spotted in manual review – confirming the benefits which SureFile provides as part of a review and assurance process.
  • Provides objective and reliable testing, which is independent of the software or organisations creating accounts in iXBRL.   It also runs on secure, UK-based servers which ensure confidentiality of data. See Why you can rely on SureFile.

Using SureFile: Subscribers have their own Account Page which allows them to upload accounts for testing and to review results from the latest or previous attempts. See How to use SureFile for more information. To try out SureFile through one or two attempts or to subscribe, see Subscribe.